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New 8×3 nickel-free purse frame(TM) with kisslock & loops in Perfect Fit 6(TM)

Hot off the press:  I’ve got the new 8×3 kisslock with loops in Perfect Fit 6(TM).

Check them out!  They will be listed later on today (hopefully).  (*Click on the photos to view a larger version.)

8x3 nickel-free purse frame(TM) kisslock with LOOPS!

Please note the differences between this in the Perfect Fit 6(TM) U-channel and the Skinny Bride(TM) brand.  Again, the Perfect Fit 6(TM) was designed wider to fit thicker fabric and interface.  The Skinny Bride(TM) was designed for finer, thinner fabrics for the bridal market (!) where you use a lot of satins, taffeta, and silks.  All my frames are designed so there’s no need to crimp.

Side-by-side comparison.

It may not look like a drastic departure from this vantage point, but these hundredths of millimeters make a huge difference.  As an aside, my frames are made or iron, which is malleable, so they can be crimped.  However, I don’t recommend crimping them as I feel that it’s an added cost to get the tool, and added time to your production, which as we know “time is money”.   But mainly though, call me crazy (my kids do… 🙂 ) but crimping these beautiful frames is just beside the point of designing them as such.  That’s why I designed 2 different U-channel widths.

Pricing on these will be the same for both with same volume discounts.   Thanks for your patience so that I can list them at my Etsy shop and at my webstore (which takes longer since I am also the head IT person … who knew 😛 ?).

Thanks! ~Winn


November 3, 2010 - Posted by | WhileBabyNaps General Updates

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