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Blog completely redesigned to add SELLERS!

Take a look guys!  I redesigned the blog and hope you all like the cleaner look.  Now if only I can get to cleaning my office …  argggg.

Please click on it for a larger view!

As per my earlier post, I have begun adding the new section called “Sellers”.  I get more and more hits on my blog daily with people asking where to buy clutches made specifically from my metal purse frames.  Since I do not have time to make and sell them  these days (only locally and privately), I wanted to let potential customers know where to buy.  Please read the earlier post about the trademark requirement and how to easily submit your store.

I know everyone is busy will fall arts and crafts shows.  But don’t wait to get your shop listed.  The holiday shopping season has begun!!!  It will not take you a lot of time and the upside is they will go from this blog to your store!

Best wishes as always!



November 4, 2010 - Posted by | SALES and PROMOTIONS

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