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Settling in our new home for 3 years!

Thanks to all who convo’d or emailed asking how I’ve been doing.  As most of you have known since January, my husband was relocated to Viet Nam and had been working there since this March.  The kids and I have finally joined him after the school year was done and I’m pleased to say … we’re finally here!

Where is here?  Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Our household furnishings will arrive in 2 months so I’m blogging and working while sitting on the tile floor or on what little rental furniture we have.  But my dream of living where I can wear flip-flops year round is finally here.  I just didn’t count on the mosquitoes though!  🙂

Here are some pics.  Enjoy and as soon as I can get WiFi hooked up and my regular Mac desktop plugged into that, I can really start working again.  The sewing will be done at the kitchen table, not unlike many of you who start out making clutches!  Lastly, thanks to all who have tried the Snappy Clutch Wallets and the PurseFramesOutlet shop.  The feedback has far surpassed what I had expected and it really made working on that design for 6 months and finessing the photos and tutorial soooooo worth it!

Our home for the next 3 years.

We live 3 houses away from a playground and skateboard park. Kids have their gear and are getting to go!

We have a pool in the front yard! The kids swim twice or three times a day for about 1.5 to 2 hours each time.

My 5 year old daughter Hayley at the park.

My 2 boys at the adjacent skateboard park.

My 6 year old son Noah in deep sleep. The 11 hours time change took a week to really get used. They were sleeping by 5pm and waking up at 3am for the first week!

We’re all still adjusting.  I haven’t had much time to work since it’s summer break and I cannot get to work until they are in bed at 8pm.   I know a great many of you have young children and are also facing this same issue:  the increased familial demands as the kids are on summer break.

No worries on your shop sales during summer months as you will see activity pick up in the fall when the kids are back at school.  Remember that it’s cyclical!  Be sure to start your production of new clutches in August so that you will have new collections for customers to see.  School will start before you know it and the Fall Collections should be ready by September.

One important note for those of you who have expanded into local boutiques and into arts and crafts shows:  make sure you have your fall collection ready to show the shops and make sure you pre-register to take advantage of discounts for fall craft shows.  My best sources for color palettes are the national magazines – Vogue being the main barometer.

I’ll be in touch again with pictures of my garden.  The garden came pre-planted with the house and the variety in textures, colors, and composition is amazing.  Puts my gardening skills to shame!  🙂

Have a splendid weekend!



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  1. thanks for sharing. looks like you will have a beautiful place to spend the next three years. Jan

    Comment by janlorrain | July 16, 2011 | Reply

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