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Why I’ve muddied up my photos…

Thank you to the few who have kindly contacted me alerting me of stolen photos of my shop.  You’ve got my back and I surely appreciate it!  In today’s digital age, a screen snapshot is all that is needed to steal someone’s intellectual property.  There are even reports about a rising number of ID theft of Facebook identities.   It makes me think twice about having an FB account.  I will surely monitor my kids’ social media when they are of age and are asking to have their own accounts.

So apparently some countries and their countrymen do not honor International Trademarks and Copyrights.   Unlawful, stolen photos of my very distinct frames and photos have popped up on various non-US-based websites wrongfully giving potential buyers the impression that they will be getting the frames (my trademarked and copyrighted frames and photos) as seen in the pictures.   There is no doubt that when buyers receive their orders (if they receive anything at all), they will be sorry to get poor quality, damaged, and untested frames.  I have resisted putting watermarks on my photos for 3 years.  I reasoned that given the very distinct branding of my shop and photos of the frames, surely no one would copy/paste the very same photos.  That would be like stealing from my kids!  Well, they’ve done just that.  They’ve “borrowed” my photos to set up their virtual shops promising unsuspecting buyers the very same frames when that is not possible.  They’ve stolen all my hard work and stolen from my kids and nephews.  My sister and I do this while we raise our kids.  We are not a big company.  It’s me and her and 5 kids between us.

This has left me with many sleepless nights cursing at humanity.  And, truth be told, I’ve had a few more than my share of wine!  So what to do?

I’ve had to muddy up all my photos with watermarks.


No, this will not prevent future photo theft or misrepresentation from others.  To you, the buyer, I can only say clearly that:  All these frames and tutorials are proprietary, copyrighted and trademarked to Khuong LLC (c) 2013 & only sold at and

*I do not resell these to anybody.  I design them based on my research and specifications and it comes from me to you directly:  no intermediaries.

*There is no one representing me, my frames, or my shop.  My designs are proprietary and copyrighted and trademarked.  My trade secrets are just that:  trade secrets that no one knows, just like Colonel Sander’s chicken recipe.

*Anyone is possession of my photos, whether in the US or otherwise, are in violation of intellectual property.  This is fraudulent.

*Whether or not the photos were watermarked before is immaterial to the violation of use.  All rights are reserved on my copyrights and trademarks and that includes the photos.

*Anyone who represents themselves with my photos alleging that they can produce the same product in the photos is misrepresenting themselves.

*Anyone who represents themselves as making these frames for me are also misrepresenting themselves.  I have binding contracts with my business partners and they’ve been my trusted and valued business partners for years.

I design these frames based on years of research.  I have been and continue the #1 US seller of purse frames because I value my customers, provide them with a skill and business opportunities, and I make fine frames.  I stand by the quality of my frames and will make it right for you if anything escapes on my watch.  I am in it for the long haul.  And while I may miss a few sales from unsuspecting customers who fall prey to these fraudulent hucksters, I would hope that my good deeds will be my karma.

That is the hope.




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How to sell your clutches with an in-home crafts fair.

I get all sorts of emails from my wonderful and loyal customers, and sometimes there is great information that I think other customers can benefit from.  Like Erin who offered her great tips about selling at arts and crafts fairs so that others could benefit from, Susan of Lulu Caswell has graciously offered some tips for you to have success selling clutches at your in-home crafts fair.

With two years of selling her clutches at her house, Susan has wonderful helpful tips.  In fact, she sells the majority of her clutches off the Net!  Here are some tips:

1. Invite other craftsters to display their goods in your home.  More will come when you have a house party for handmade clutches, jewelry, and quilts (for examples) than just clutches alone.  Susan sold nearly $1000 in clutches on one Sunday from 12-4pm!  With this, she was able to pay off her husband’s tuition for one month.  GO Susan!!!

2. Promote amongst your friends via your social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…  Be sure to ask them to come (don’t be shy!) and to share the post with their friends.   How about “Hey, I would love for you to come.  I would really appreciate your support and would love to see you and catch up over some munchies while you check out all the goodies!  If you cannot come, I would appreciate your support by sharing this post on your Wall with your friends.”

3.  Go on to Etsy and solicit other local craftsters/artisans to display their goods at your in-home crafts fair.  Susan didn’t know most of them, but that didn’t deter her from asking them to participate in her second year.  She had 6 other vendors join her at her home and about 40-50 guests who came, even some customers from the previous year.  These things build so hopefully she will have even more attend next year.

4.  To get more foot traffic and eyes, create a flyer and post them at local churches, at the kids’ schools, and at the local community hall.  Ask the other vendors to do their share of posting the flyers and promoting the event to their network of friends.

5.  For a smaller, intimate affair, do an evening show with just your clutches and serve wine and cheese.  Email it to ALL your girlfriends and ask them to pass the email to a girlfriend and to bring a girlfriend!

Selling your clutches at your home is just another avenue for you.  It is one that costs very little (take out that folding table and throw a nice sheet to cover as table linen!) yet is one that will allow customers to get to know you.   People buy from people, and this direct selling has worked for the biggest companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Lia Sophia.

Take a look at some of the pictures from her last in-home craft fair.

Susan's sumptuous table of clutches.  Look at all the variety of colors and textures!

Susan’s sumptuous table of clutches. Look at all the variety of colors and textures!

This paper maker did really well.

This paper maker did really well.

This craft fair was held before the holidays.  These would make great gifts for a little girl!

This craft fair was held before the holidays. These would make great gifts for a little girl!

The woodworker also sold really well!

The woodworker also sold really well!

I can smell these scents through my screen!

I can smell these scents through my screen!

The woodworker, the baker, and the candlestick maker?  :)  The baker brought her goodies, too!

The woodworker, the baker, and the candlestick maker? 🙂 The baker brought her goodies, too!

I want to thank Susan for her generosity in sharing these tips with her fellow clutch makers.  If you are a fellow artisan in the Fall River, MA area, be sure to contact Susan at her shop to plan the next in-home craft fair.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Bridesmaids Clutches

In time for the Spring bride and bridesmaid, these gorgeous hand-made clutches will be the final touch for the wedding party.  Made by Natalie, these clutches are just a few of the wedding-related items available at her shop, Paperflora.  She makes the most exquisite hand-cut, hand-seared, and hand-beaded fabric flowers, too!

Look at the inner fabric!  What a way to remind you of your big day!

Look at the inner fabric! What a way to remind you of your big day!

These bridesmaid clutches are embellished with Natalie's hand-made fabric flowers.

These bridesmaid clutches are embellished with Natalie’s hand-made fabric flowers.

Pretty ruffled clutch with chain.

Pretty ruffled clutch with chain.

A great combo gift for the Spring bride.  Open the clutch for a little heartfelt surprise.

A great combo gift for the Spring bride. Open the clutch for a little heartfelt surprise.

Check Natalie’s shop for these and other clutches and bridal gifts.  If you have a friend who will be a Spring or Summer bride, be sure to share this!

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2013 Shipping Rates

USPS raises rates yearly and 2013 rates will be effective January 27, 2013.  (All photos courtesy of  The international rates have increased substantially:  however, it is still unbelievably much cheaper than rates from all other carriers in the US so it’s still your cheapest option.

Before you buy from us, please note the following:  All orders are shipped using USPS Flat rate Priority Mail service that comes with free Delivery Confirmation, which provides you with a tracking number.

*If your package is delayed or lost?  Please use this tracking number with your local USPS office to try to locate your package.

*If you want to ensure that your package will not get lost?  Please contact us for the same service plus SIGNATURE confirmation for an additional $2.55.

*If you need your package there quickly?  Please contact us for Guaranteed Express Delivery (prices vary depend on region).

*What if you used either service of Signature Confirmation or Guaranteed Express Delivery and your package is late or was never delivered?  Per USPS, the shippers are not able to file a claim: only the recipient (you) can file a claim.  But to put your mind at ease, since 2009, only 3 packages have been lost so this rarely happens.  The risk of shipping mishaps (e.g. damaged and lost packages) is borne on you, the customer, so I advise getting insurance for your package.   I have not had one customer with a damaged package.  🙂  YAY!

*What if you want to insure the package in case it’s lost of damaged?  Please contact us for this additional service.  This charge depends on the value of the contents of the package.  The following are approximate costs to insure based from USPS.

USPS Insurance rates:

Package contents value $1-50 = $1.85 to insure

Package contents value $51-100 = $2.35 to insure

Package contents value $101-200 = $2.90 to insure

Package contents value $201-300 = $4.85 to insure

Package contents value $301-400 = $5.95 to insure

Package contents value $401-500 = $7.05 to insure

Package contents value $501-600 = $8.15 to insure

*Is there combined shipping?  Yes!  If you order several items from me, I will try to fit everything in as few boxes as I can to give you the most economical shipping.  You will be refunded any excess shipping fee that was charged to you in Etsy’s cart over $1.  Please note that you are never charged for packaging (boxes, tissues, poly-bags) or for handling (it takes about 10 minutes per order for a set of 5 frames).

*Why does the shipping cost in my Etsy cart so expensive?  The shipping program within Etsy makes it very difficult to get the correct shipping rates for the various items in my shop.  Shipping metal purse frames that are heavy and that come in many sizes is most economical via a flat rate Priority Mail box.  Shipping Gutermann glue, while extremely light, but takes up precious space when added in with the frames makes this task even harder for Etsy to have the correct shipping rates applied.  Below are the boxes used along with rates and dimensions.

1st tier – small flat rate Priority Mail

US:  $5.80

Canada:  $19.95

All other countries:  $23.95

2nd tier – medium flat rate Priority Mail – **Best bang for your buck for ALL customers (domestic US or INTERNATIONAL)**

US:  $12.35

Canada:  $40.95

All other countries:  $59.95

3rd tier – large flat rate Priority Mail 

US:  $16.85

Canada:  $53.95

All other countries:  $77.95

The key is:  whatever I can fit in the smallest box, I will try to fit.

My recommendation:  plan your purchases and save on shipping!

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