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BIG sale is up! Don’t pass it up!

New markdowns and discounts are up.  Please check it out:

Shop rearranged with sales listed on the first page!

You will see that I’ve taken all the prices of these two nickel-free frames with loops to the lower tier and slashed the prices.

I really want you to take advantage of this great offer and introduce the latest craze in the clutch handbag category:  frames with loops.

Of course, you can find coordinating nickel-free chains under the “Purse Chains” section on the left hand side.  They come in 2 sizes:  clutch handbag size of 14.5″ and the newer shoulder length or cross body size of 45.5″.

Another idea that some customers have done is using ribbons!  You can also bead your ribbons to further embellish it.  Some have also used braided leather.  The creativity is pretty amazing. 🙂

Prices are marked and lowered so check out is a breeze.  No need to wait for a refund from my Etsy shop.  Those on my webstore will get a refund as per usual.


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8×3 Nickel-free with loops on sale!

January sale is here!  To coincide with Joann’s sale that is going on right now (amazing 50% OFF any one cut of fabric), I’m offering a sale off of my popular nickel-free frames with loops!

I call these my “2-in-1” frames because you have the option to use the loops or not, giving your customers 2 looks from 1 clutch!

You have 2 styles to choose from:

8×3 nickel-free purse frame(TM) with kisslock and loops:

Prices discounted to the same as nickel-free kisslock!

OR 8×3 nickel-free frame(TM) with EleganceLock(TM) with loops:

Price discounted to the same as nickel-free kisslock!

Prices will be up and changed tomorrow.  They will be priced the same as the 8×3 nickel-free kisslock frames.

Take advantage of this great offer.  You have the option to use the loops or not.  When not in use, the loops lay nicely inside the clutch.

Shown with loops not in use.

With the extra raw materials and labor needed to adhere the loops to the frames, frames with loops will always cost more to make than those without.  While non-looped frames continue to sell out well, everyone is trying frames with loops these days.  It really is an added nice touch for your customers.  It’s a nice addition to your line of clutches!

I will endeavor to have the new prices by noon EST tomorrow.  (I’m burning the midnight oil right now …)  You can convo me for a custom listing if you’re in a hurry.

To see the new discounted lower prices during this offer, take a look at the regular nickel-free kisslock frames and know that they’ll be priced the same.

Offer good until … 1/13/10 midnight EST.  All prices will then revert to their pre-sale levels.

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