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Quality Control procedures for my fine metal purse frames

I take great pride in making the highest quality metal purse frames on the market, along with the best customer service you will receive.

Here are my quality control procedure:

1.  A machine laser eye inspects each frame and rejects the ones that are defective.

2. An inspector at the manufacturer hand inspects the batches.  If the visual defective rate is higher than my contract states, the entire production is rejected.  (Not to worry, it’s all stripped, melted and re-used for a new production.  Nothing is wasted.)

3.  My sister, Y, and I hand-inspect each frame before it is sent out to you.

From orders of 1 frame to 500 frames … every frame goes through this Quality Control process.

Because I stand behind my frames 100% with a 30-day full refund no hassle guarantee, only the best frames go out.  Returns and exchanges due to defects could become costly.  And my defect rate is less than 0.01%.  Yup.  It pays to do it right the first time!

It takes about 2-3 hours to fully inspect 50 frames.  That’s why orders of 50 or more frames require a 48-hour processing time.   With all other smaller orders to do, when I get several of those 50-frame orders and I can get backed up pretty quickly.  It’s never taken me that long to send it out as 95% of all my orders are shipped out the same day or within 24 hours, but it gives us a cushion not to rush.

But after inspecting tens of thousands+ frames, I can tell you that mistakes do happen, though rare.  And it’s all about the lighting.  Too bright of natural light and you cannot see the “feathers” in the finish from the glare.  Too dim and the same thing will be missed due to poor illumination.  Holding it at certain angles will miss a pock or mark that is not readily apparent.  We can take up to a full 2 minutes to inspect each frame!

It is through these quality control measures that allows us to have the highest-end, best quality frames on the market.


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