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Of Interest: Pinterest

I have just started a new page for WhileBabyNaps at Pinterest.  This will work in concert with the promotions that I’ve been currently doing for Sellers to promote their clutches on the Facebook fanpage and Twitter.  The more eyeballs to your shops, the better the chances of you selling your clutches and getting your name out there.  If you are interested in being included in my marketing and promotions, you will first need to become listed as a Seller.  I choose clutches that meet the themes that I am coming up with (for example: red clutches for Valentine’s Day) from amongst the current bags from the shops on the Sellers page.  I only choose clutches that I know are made using my fine frames.

For all current shops on the Sellers page, please remember to note my trademarks for customers looking for clutches made from my frames.  As I’ve only made clutches for samples, kits, or for family, I do not make or sell clutches with my frames.  I always refer them to find a clutch maker on the Sellers page.  Customers will look at the list and the links contained the pics and names will take them directly to the Seller’s shop.

I just started this Pinterest page.  It takes a lot of time for me since my internet connection here is spotty.  Wah-wah.  😦  If you are not already on Pinterest and would like to join and create your own page, convo me for an invite.  I will need an email address to send invites to.  This is the email address that you will be using for your Pinterest account.  It’s in the beginning stages so I am just starting and learning as I go myself.  If you are already on Pinterest, convo me so I can check your boards and Follow you!  But here are a few things you should know:

1.  Pinterest is about pinning things you really love. So it’s not the same as say, Talbots or Ann Taylor putting their coupon codes and sales on their respective facebook fanpage or Twitter feeds.  But you, as an Etsy shop owner, for example, can pin up clutches that you’ve made so others can see and (hopefully) like and repin.  Then the people who see their pins might like and repin, and so on ….  Don’t just pin about your clutches or shop.  Remember to pin other things in your life that you really love!  This is a fun place that you can mix your work and your personal favorites!

For me, I love clutches.  So I’m going to pin clutches that I love.

I love my dog, Pax, a goldendoodle.  So you will see pins about Pax, like you’ve seen on my blog posts!  🙂

I dream of peace and quiet and white interiors are a favorite of mine.  Check out my pins of Katherine Hepburn’s house.  Its interiors are to die for.  It’s my forever home … as in it’ll be forever until I can own a home like that … LOL.  And when I do, it’ll be much smaller, not on a waterfront (cha-ching), and old and will need years of toil to refurbish it.  But I digress…


2.  It’s a highly visual medium and it’s awesome for visual learners, like me.  (You can also experience a huge time warp when you’re on it, so mind your time!)  Where Twitter is great for 140-characters on your iPhones and for when you are mobile and not on your laptop/desktop, Pinterest really allows me to showcase your clutches well.

3.  Follow others and repin others.  The more you interact, the more exposure you will get, and hopefully your pins will be re-pinned by others.

I'm working on these!

4.  Pinterest is about giving credit to where you found it.  So when I pin your clutches, guess what?  The credit goes to your shop where I found it!  Users who see your clutch and like will click on the “from” and it leads them to your shop.  Note that all have been truncated to “” by Pinterest, but go to my Pinterest page and try clicking on several clutches and you will see that it leads to the individual clutch maker’s shop.

Several clutches have had "likes" and "repins" 🙂

How to pin and how to create boards are easy.  One thing that really helps is getting the “pin it button” by clicking on the About menu.  When you come across something that you like, click on that on your toolbar and it automatically adds the link to the site.

Makes for easy work!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I got the loveliest bouquet from the hubby.

Love the bright punches of color!

Talk soon!


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Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

I am seeing red.  😉  Take a look at the new album I put on the Facebook fan page for Valentine’s Day.   Pretty huh?

I soooo covet these and I know others will too!  Whether or not you have a honey, muffin, or sweetheart, know that I treasure you and send you wishes for a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


If your sweetheart doesn't get you something, go treat yourself to something decadent!

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Putting Women in Business – another avenue for some

Hey y’all!  (That’s my Oklahoma in me coming at ‘cha!)

Hope you are doing well.  While I’m trying to live stream my annual free concert, aka The Annual Grammy Awards, I thought I’d do a quick post on a news article I just read.

As you know, my motto is “Putting Women in Business” and that’s what I’ve aimed to do these past years.  I know how few and far between the jobs are for part-time workers.  This is especially true for stay-at-home moms who want to work while the kids are napping, in school, or at nights.  I also have many nurses, teachers, retirees, and college students as customers trying to exercise their creative freedom while making some side income during evenings and weekends as well.

So for those who are English teachers, in this article posted in USA Today Tech section, the tech writer has vetted 3 online companies that will allow you to make some income.  Give it a read and find out if this is something that you would be interested in doing.  I know, this has nothing to do with making clutches but it will benefit some of you.  This industry is rapidly growing.  And after having traveled recently to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Japan, I can attest to how many people know some English on this side of the globe.  Do you how in the US a lot of our kids in public school learn Spanish as an elective? Well, the Vietnamese kids here all start learning English beginning in the 3rd grade.  I am AMAZED at the number of people who speak 2 (or more) languages in the places that I have traveled.  The American culture (good and bad) is imported to all corners of the world.  One of these days, I’ll snap a pic of those American cultural snippets that I see during my travels.

Have a great week!


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Valentine’s Day and Etsy Treasury Lists

Anyone else notice the home page of Etsy with the top bar for Valentine’s Day suggestions?  Have you got your Valentine’s day promotions out?  Do you have clutches that can be given as gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Here’s a treasury that recently made it on the front page of Etsy that I really liked.

Blush pink is just beautiful!

There are lots of treasuries being made for Valentine’s Day and I will be making one featuring only clutches.  As you know, many items featured in treasuries that make the front get sold!   It will feature clutches from some of the clutch makers on the Sellers page.  I’ll give instructions and let’s try to get it noticed and in the hands of many!

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Find a clutch via Twitter @PurseFrames

Hey guys … just following up on my previous posts so check out the latest Twitter wallpaper that I’ve got up.  It’s amazing how the blog and Facebook fanpage views increase when I post on Twitter.  They all seem to work in concert.

I’m tweeting each clutch that made it on the Facebook fanpage album.  Links given are to the Etsy shop seller’s homepage.  I hope your shop views increases overall and that you get some new buyers!

I tweet about clutches with pics and links to the clutch maker's shops. And I had a tangent about the Golden Globes Awards too ... 🙂

Keep improving your skill and challenge yourself to finesse the aesthetics of your clutches.  Clutches are simple to make but truly talented clutch makers have good craftsmanship and a distinct visual voice and brand.

I’m working right now to update the Clutch PDF tutorial.  New pics and new hints that I will incorporate from previous posts.  The update will be free to those who bought the PDF before.  As usual, you will be the first to hear when it’s done and ready for download.


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Facebook fanpage new album

Check out the new album of clutches.  As usual, I will be promoting these on Twitter @PurseFrames as well.

One quick note:  Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  I am targeting the male audience for clutch makers via the Facebook fanpage and Twitter.  (The majority of readers of my blog are female so I’ve got to spread the love and get some guys to look at clutches as an option for gift giving to the lucky girls!)  So post your clutches or sales aimed at Valentine’s Day at the fan page.  Think reds and pinks!

A selection of well-crafted handmade clutches from various sellers. Available NOW for purchase.

I am trying a new image capture in order to garner you more viewers for your clutches at your shop.  By cropping in your photos, I am able to give a better view of your clutches at the same tantalizing the viewer to see more by clicking on the photo.  The hyperlink will take them to the home page of your Etsy shop where they can take a look at ALL your shop’s offerings!

I hope you will see increased views of your Etsy shop from my efforts.  Each bag will be promoted individually via Twitter.  I am really focusing on well-crafted clutches (and clutch wallets and Reversible Patchwork bags, too).

Be back soon!


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Back in Stock: 12 x 3.5

Hi!!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!  🙂  We’ve had our first Christmas here in Vietnam and my 9-year old said that it was “the best Christmas EVER”.   We brought along our trusty Christmas tree from Costco (and all of our other furniture and furnishings) and put up stockings on our electric fireplace mantel.  It worked to preserve and continue our Christmas traditions.  The kids were worried Santa wouldn’t know where they lived in Vietnam (they assumed New Jersey was well-known by Santa and his elves) and the fact that we have no chimney for Santa … but thanks to Norad, Elf the movie, and some great books to help explain it all.  Oh, the magic of Christmas!

My kids on Christmas Eve.

During the holidays, International schools here let kids out for three weeks in order for expat families to return back to their home countries.  And since the kids and I only got here in July, we stayed here during the holidays.  After celebrating 30+years of snowy and cold Christmases in the Midwest and NJ, it felt really weird not having the cold weather for Christmas!  I’m sure that is nothing new to those in the warm climates though.

Here’s my family holiday card to you all.  E-card this year via Smilebox!

Hope your holidays brought you many smiles. Smiling's my favorite! Name that movie (super easy...).

So with 3 kids home, you can imagine what little work I’ve got done.  But thank goodness for my sisters, Thy and Y who have been working quite hard.  Thy missed Christmas altogether due to illness!  She’s on the mend but her little one who’s only 4, is just recovering from another bout of something!  I miss the cold but I do not miss cold & flu season.

Oh, I’m a couple weeks late and giving you the news but I just want to let you all know that the 12×3.5 nickel-free frames are back in stock.  This one is a bit hard to manufacture and carry since it’s our costliest frame with all the iron and the large surface making a superb finish harder to achieve.  But with winter here and winter bags, this large, heavy and sturdy frame is ideal for the big bags.  This frame has been used to make the bigger carry-all bag.  It can support leather, vinyl, upholstery-weight and other heavier fabrics.   I designed a wide u-channel to accommodate both the heavier, thicker fabrics and the fusible interface/fleece.  The walls of the u-channel were also designed to be higher.  Check them out!

12x3.5 nickel-free purse frame

My internet connection has also been very frustratingly troublesome.  I get very slow service and when I do, I get disconnected frequently.  I have a fiber line but it gets throttled due to the servers here.  😦  Makes for long hours and a low productivity rate.  Alas, I will be back to sewing once I clear out a few things off my desk!

So since the kids went back to school today (yay, thank you teachers!), I will be able to work more (yay, my sanity returns!).  Love my kids, but I miss working.  Miss you all!  Thanks for your messages!!

Hoping you all are healthy for 2012!


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If you are near, check these craft shops out!

Just read a quick article in USA Today’s Travel section.  Thought you might like to check these excellent craft shops out.

As you can see, these craft shops are trending up so if you are near, go take a look!  See what crafts are displayed.  If the store’s aesthetics fit, inquire about having them display several of your handmade, one-of-a-kind clutches!  It would be a great coup!

Check out the list of the top 10 places to shop for crafts by clicking on the pic below:


Have a great weekend everybody!


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20% off your entire cart SALE – Raincheck

WOW!  I can’t thank you guys enough for all the wonderful and heartfelt “welcome back” notes in via the convos and “Message to Seller” in your check outs.  Thank you, again, for the thoughts and prayers for our Grandma.  And thank you, for your loyalty during our shop closure to tend to our family.

Oh, thought you might like this pic of my son Ethan showing his Great Gram pictures of family on the iPad.  She was like “This thing takes pictures?  This records videos, too?  It must be really expensive.”  When I told her how much the iPad was, she said “I can buy a lot of land with that!”  🙂

Amazing to think what she has witnessed in nearly a century!

Many of you have asked about our 20% OFF total purchase sale and specifically taking rainchecks for items currently out of stock or sold out.  I wanted to clarify it for those still unclear.  Just like any brick-and-mortar retailer, I also offer a raincheck.  What does this mean for you?

*A “raincheck” is when you pay at a sale price for item(s) that are not currently in stock or are sold out due to the sale.  In other words, if the shop had those items, you’d be able to cart it out with you to the minivan (or insert cool ride you have here).  What, I’m the only with a minivan??  🙂  I digress … but since they don’t have said item(s) (not your fault) you still qualify for the sale price, but you’ll just get those items when they come back into stock.

*Sale ends at midnight EST on November 20, 2011.

*… BUT with Etsy’s convo system and the nature of the back-and-forth communication of custom orders, I am allowing for convos asking for a custom listing with details on what you want sent in by that deadline to qualify for the 20% off sale.  Even if we do not nail down 100% what you want, you will qualify as that was submitted before the deadline.  It’s as if you’re at the store and there are long lines and only 2 registers open, and you’re the 8th person in line with a cart full of things and the shop will close in 10 minutes.  But once your Custom Listing is up, you must pay within 48 hours or your order will be cancelled.  (We convo you with a link to let you know that your custom listing is up.)

I miss Target. I miss Costco, too!

*Your order will be shipped altogether in one shipment when they all come in. (4-6 weeks).  If you want to break the order up and ship them as they are available (same shipping options that Amazon allows), your shipping costs will go up accordingly.  Just let us know.  We will only charge what it costs to ship, not the time spent to ship multiple packages.

One more note, thank you for your loyalty and orders.  I want to reiterate clearly that this sale of this magnitude only happens once a year on the anniversary of my shop (11/11).  Under the legal guidelines, I cannot extend the sale to orders placed, paid or shipped prior to the sale, and it will not be extended past the end of the sale (barring the note about convos submitted by the deadline above).  If you have a Custom Listing that has been made per your request, please pay ASAP.  All custom listings not paid after the sale will be deleted.

Please keep in mind Christmas time and gift giving:  start making your clutches and have them ready to sell for Black Friday.  I would highly recommend planning your order and ordering what you need.   Remember that as long as they are unused and in same new condition as was shipped to you, if you have excess that you want to return or you simply changed your mind, I accept returns for any reason for 30 days.  You will get a full refund minus the shipping fees paid. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made to the sale terms.  So please plan well and order OR convo us with what you need.

Now, once I get out from under this mountain of to-do’s, I will be shopping for fabric.  YAY!  Something to look forward to!  I will take pics.  I will sell the fabric.  I’ll get on it.  It’s on my list …  several of you have asked and I thank you for liking my taste!

~Talk soon!

Winn  🙂

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Debuting new 3×1.5 nickel-free design

Once again, thank you for your kind and thoughtful emails and convos.  My sisters and I are very touched by your notes and feel very privileged to have your friendship, loyalty, and prayers.

We have also received all your convos requesting Custom Orders to take advantage of the 2nd year anniversary sale.   Please be patient as Thy just got back to the US after a long journey (it takes 20-24 hours) and she is quite exhausted.  She will be setting up the Custom Listings and you will be notified via the convo that you sent when it is up and ready to go!  The shop will re-open on November 17th as per my previous posts and shop announcements.

I wanted to let you know first about the new production of the 3×1.5 nickel-free coin purse frames.  A minor adjustment was made:  the new kisslock balls are now 9mm.  This is the same size balls as the wallet-sized 4.5×3 purse frames.  Many of you who have used this size for these years will know that I went from small to big, and now it’s in the middle.  Why the change?  My specs were not followed (why, why, why?!?!?)  and I did not want to re-do the entire the production which would cause extra time for production (I mean, you can’t snap them off and put new kisslocks on …) not to mention the costs of manufacturing in re-acquiring more metal, production time, and new plating.  But they match the 4.5×3 size and look so awesome and just like puppies, I fell in love and kept them.  Couldn’t turn them away…. I think you will like these little buggers as much as I do!  Take a look:

3x1.5 nickel-free purse frame

Hey, one day I'll grow up to be like my older brother! Here's me next to the 4.5x3!

Uh oh, here's BIG brother 8x3 strutting his stuff! Arggggg....

One last note, in order for me to make changes to the shop such as listings and for Thy to create Custom Listings … we have to re-open the shop to use the full functionality.  **Please note that orders will not ship until the 17th and orders put in will take 72 hours to inspect, package, and ship.**  That is, your Custom Listing, though they may be up prior to the 17th and if you’ve paid, the earliest Thy will ship is the 17th.

Thank you for your support.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



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