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Etsy shop redesign

Good morning and what a great way to start a New Year here from New Jersey:  the sun is out and has been melting what’s left (still a whole bunch) from the blizzard.  I’m sure you’ve all heard about our Governor Christie vacationing with his family at Disney World while NJ was hit with its biggest blizzard in decades!

So I’ve been housebound and having been sick as well, I’ve willingly handed the parenting duties over to my hubby who took care of all 3 kids and walked the dog!

With all this ‘free’ time, I’ve finally gotten around to redesigning my shop.  What a major undertaking.  Please check it out:

New categories on the left!

Thank you all for your comments on how to improve my shop.  I took it into consideration and so far, this is the result from your many feedback.  I feel privileged that you will tell me what you need!  I hope this helps you all find the inventory much better.

At any time, you can convo me for a custom listing.  I don’t mind doing the legwork and I can combine the shipping upfront and you don’t have to wait for the refund.

Some changes to the shop:

1.  New categories on the left: I’ve grouped all the 8×3 frames together, but differentiated them by the quantities.  There are no sections for special finishes as they are all grouped in the 8x3s!

2. Standardized the contents in the pics. This is good for visually-oriented learners who learn more quickly by seeing than by reading or hearing.  For example, all Skinny Bride(TM) frames have a distinct wording and look to their pics.  (All other 8×3 frames are in Perfect Fit 6(TM) u-channels.)

Skinny Bride(TM) with EleganceLock(TM)

Skinny Bride(TM) kisslock with loops

3. Standardized the Product Titles to be more clear.  I’ve shortened the titles quite a bit.

4. Noted the volume discount up front in all the bulk listings. This will help those who ask what is the volume discount for a set of X, for instance.  Every frame listing also gives the volume discount in great detail.

5. Redirect back to the shop home page in each frame listing to help you get back quickly to find what you are looking for.

As always, keep your comments coming and email me any time!


January 3, 2011 - Posted by | WhileBabyNaps General Updates

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