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Shout out to SELLERS on my shop announcement

As I continue to get more hits on my blog — about 1000+ hits a month — the SELLERS page continues to be in the top 3 pages that is searched.  All the sellers listed have had referrals leaving my blog to go directly to their shops.

If you haven’t submitted yours, do check out the current sellers on there to see what they’ve done.

I am so impressed with the craftsmanship of these artisans.  I am so proud how many of you have taken my basic ( – yet thorough :))- PDF tutorial for making clutches and have flourished with your creations.  The creativity and techniques are amazing!

And I love that you stick to what you do best:

* Your photos are consistent in tone and look and quality

* Your clutches are within the creative style that you’ve picked.

* Your product listings do a great job explaining the fine work that went into making it.

You can look at all the sellers and see how unique each shop is.  Each artisan has really carved a niche out for herself.  Kudos to all of you!

Oh, the point of this post was to let you all know that I’ve updated my shop announcement to let inquirers find out how to find you sellers.  So here’s another way that I am supporting your work.:

Another way for my referrals to find you!

Just spreading the love!

Many love the idea of making a clutch, but few have the time.  So buying a kit will satisfy some, but some would rather buy a clutch already made.  There’s nothing like instant gratification!

So be sure you have enough in your store!


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