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SALE – the hottest thing on the clutch market!

Update on the business:

You all know that I am very transparent with my business to you.  I think it is this quality that I’ve come to earn your trust, your loyalty, and your continued business.

I am very disappointed to have to tell you that I am out of the antique brass and antique brass with loops.

Behind the scenes: When it was time to get them manufactured back in December (with the manufacturer that I had been working with in the Mid West) I had been in negotiations with the owner for several weeks.  And since he raised the salary of his workers to $15/hour, he had to raise his prices and was demanding $5 per frame.  That’s my cost.  There was no way I could produce it at $5 a frame and sell it at a loss.  I could not raise the prices to stay competitive.   So I went with a new manufacturer in January and the first production of antique brass was run and should be trucking to me soon.  I will have antique brass available for sale within 2 weeks.   However, I have to wait and see how this batch goes before placing an order for antique brass with loops.  The previous manufacturer strove for a 98% rate of accuracy — or only 2% defective.  But I will not know the actual defective rate of this new manufacturer until I inspect them.

I am as disappointed as you are. 😦  I really strive to have my stock ready for sale.  But this is just an unfortunate business decision that I had to make.  And it’s costing me time and money, but I think one that will better sustain my business.  I simply cannot raise the prices, and I simply cannot make them for more than I can sell them for and be competitive.  I still demand that my frames meet our Environmental Protection guidelines and that they have the special coatings that is trademarked to my company.  There are no shortcuts.

I hope you all understand the predicament that I’m in and I would hope to have your business once they are back in stock.  I expect to have the antique brass with loops for sale around the end of February.

So to make up for my misfortune and your inconvenience, I’m putting on a spectacular, unbelievable sale that will benefit you and your customers.

Please don't be offended... 😉

As I’ve been telling you all, the hottest thing in the clutch market is clutches with chains.  To help you to stay on top of this market trend, I lowered my prices on my frames with loops.  My frames with loops are lower than many sellers anywhere.

In addition, I am putting a tremendous sale on effective tomorrow 1/25/11.   I will have two kinds of frames with loops that come with bonus chains.

For example:

50 frames + 50 free chains (worth $74.99)

The 50 chains themselves, cost $74.99.  But order the 50 frames, and get (50) coordinating nickel-free clutch chains with lobster claws for FREE!

Again …

Apart from feeling that I want to make up for my running out of antique brass, this tremendous sale will allow you to offer what the market wants right now:  clutches with chains.

It gives your customers 2 looks:

  1. As a clutch to carry at the crook of your arm, in your hands actually clutching it (ergo a “clutch” handbag), under the arm pit when you need to use your hands …
  2. Or carry it with a chain when your arms are full.

This sale will be up tomorrow.

While this is NOT a replacement of the antique brass (nothing is), I hope that you will take advantage of this offering especially with the Spring collections coming.

If anyone wants to get first dibs on the antique brass that is coming in 2 weeks, convo me for a custom listing at the prices below and I’ll take 10% off the frames.  (I’ve kept the same price and volume discounts as before.)

Price/Unit Sale price
1 $6.50 $6.50
3 $6.00 $17.99
5 $5.40 $26.99
10 $5.00 $49.99
20 $4.80 $95.99
25 $4.68 $116.99
50 $4.26 $212.99
100 $4.03 $402.99
200 $3.52 $704.99
500 $3.25 $1,624.99

Please feel free to convo or email me with your comments or concerns.  As always, your comments are welcome!  ~ Winn


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